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Surveys of 10 nations,
September-October 2004

Eight out of 10 countries favor Kerry for president

In September and October 2004, newspapers in 10 countries conducted comparable, coordinated surveys to assess opinions towards the U.S. and the state of the U.S. elections. The findings below come from the Guardian (U.K.), but representatives of the participating newspapers prepared the reports from the individual countries.

Summary: Poll reveals world anger at Bush
George Bush has squandered a wealth of sympathy around the world towards America since September 11 with public opinion in 10 leading countries - including some of its closest allies - growing more hostile to the United States while he has been in office.

UK: We like Americans, we don't like Bush
There is a growing strain of hostility towards the United States among British voters, fuelled by a strong personal antipathy towards President George Bush, according to a special Guardian/ICM poll.

France: A nation united in opposition
It could not be clearer: 72% of the French population want John Kerry to win the US presidential election, according to a Sofres poll of 1,000 people carried out on September 28-29. The current US president is backed by only 16% of those surveyed.

Canada: Reluctant bedfellows
Canada's hockey arenas have never had a reputation as forums of political unrest. So when Montreal fans began systematically booing the US national anthem last year before the teams took to the ice, there was clearly more to it than just a few troublemakers voicing their discontent.

Israel: Loving the man with the umbrella
Whether the US president is a Democrat or a Republican, he symbolises a country Israelis see as protecting them from their enemies.

Spain: A mature society condemns the war
Spaniards loathe George Bush's war in Iraq - but they do not blame ordinary Americans for it.

Australia: Anti-Bush but not anti-American
Most Australians don't like George W Bush, and their opinion of the US has deteriorated during his term as president - and we are not alone.

Korea: Bush is the problem
Anti-American sentiment has made headlines in the global press, but that feeling among Koreans is a relatively recent development.

Russia: New-found friendship
The aftermath of the Beslan tragedy has highlighted a change in Russian perceptions of the US.

Japan: Two-faced America
The Japanese like America, but they are much less keen on the war in Iraq.

Mexico: Viva Kerry!
George Bush was most Mexicans' favoured candidate in the presidential election four years ago. Not this time around.

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