Member Renewal FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership in the Public Diplomacy Council of America renews every year on January 1. Dues can be paid at the first notification from PDCA toward the end of the year, but if not paid by the announced time limit, the member will be dropped from our roles and will cease to receive communications from PDCA.

Life members of our legacy organizations, the Public Diplomacy Council and the Public Diplomacy Association of America, will not receive an invoice. They are considered paid up for life. The Public Diplomacy Council of America does not offer Life membership.

Dues are payable upon the renewal date.  Our membership plans are Full, Associate and Rising Professional.  Every member will receive via email a notice and invoice priced according to their plan.

Those members who paid dues to join the PDCA on October 1, 2023 or afterward will be considered paid through 2024.

Members who failed to pay dues during 2023, but pay for 2024, will retain their membership.

How to pay

Other ways to pay


Tax status

Membership is not tax deductible. Donations are deductible; PDCA is registered as a 501 (c) 3 organization.